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Worker Safety Issue from Fast Food Nation Essay Example

Specialist Safety Issue from Fast Food Nation Essay The reason for composing this article is to feature the specialist wellbeing issues from Fast Food Nation. The issue fundamentally is specialist wellbeing that is put to stake due to the risks the laborers need to confront while they are made to accomplish the work. This is the fundamental issue that has been distinguished that the laborers need to confront and certain solutions for these issue are additionally proposed in the later sections. The laborer wellbeing issues are disturbing and it is essential that the businesses must find a way to deal with such issues. The cheap food industry has actuated homogenization of our general public and has additionally rushed the situation by further making a hole between the rich and the needy individuals and inexpensive food have now gotten exceptionally famous for the American individuals. Notwithstanding, there are some unrecognized certainties that must be mulled over. The inexpensive food country has fundamentally changed the way of life of America and the way the individuals eat.[1] The financial effectsâ of theâ fast food industry are assorted and the business is reliant on the government cash for example it takes SBA credits so as to run the establishments and to maintain the cheap food business. The get together lineâ methods ofâ fast food productionâ actually worked their direction intoâ large-scale agribusiness. The meat production lines are sporadic in size and it is difficult to computerize the dairy cattle just in the manner the poultry and different things required in the cheap food business are being made. The spots where this happens are appalling and businesspeople for the most part representative ignorant specialists who are made to work for extended periods of time and get an extremely low pay.[2] We will compose a custom paper test on Worker Safety Issue from Fast Food Nation explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now We will compose a custom exposition test on Worker Safety Issue from Fast Food Nation explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer We will compose a custom exposition test on Worker Safety Issue from Fast Food Nation explicitly for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Recruit Writer Additionally, the conditions wherein they are made to work are woeful and unhygienic that can be an exceptionally huge danger to the human life. So as to forestall this, it is fundamental that the representatives must make strides and for this only a gradual expense is required. Following these lines, presently anyway the American slaughterhouse has improved significantly more than before as the norms have been improved and the laborers are more secure than previously. Besides, I might likewise want to include that the genuine expense of the cheap food isn't really estimated as far as buy however the expense of the laborers is additionally included. The purpose behind composing this paper isn't that I am hostile to cheap food however it is to feature that reality that however a portion of the inexpensive food mammoths produce top notch food at practically identical costs to the otherâ chains, they should place an incentive in theirâ workersâ just as the food gracefully as opposed to attempting to get even the last piece of benefits. â€Å"Fast food is served all over the place. Be it eateries, trains, planes or journey ships. It has been accounted for that the Americans spent around $6 billion out of 1970 on cheap food and the sum additionally expanded to $110 billion out of 2001. It has additionally been accounted for that the Americans spent more cash on inexpensive food than on different costs, for example, advanced education or different extravagances. They spend more on cheap food than on films, magazines, newspapers,â videos, andâ recorded musicâ combined.[3]Therefore, the nation’s most valued convention is the inexpensive food. As the inexpensive food industry has advanced from a stand possessed slow down to mammoth companies, the interest for the laborers has likewise expanded. In the accompanying passages I have alluded to a portion of the articles and have given a portion of the instances of specialist wellbeing issues winning in the cheap food advertise. The first is about the thefts. This article discusses the pizza conveyance young men in Bethlehem who needed to experience thefts. The article tells that the pizza young men were burglarized during the long periods of work and were additionally punched down and tossed on the ground, the suspects anyway battled among themselves for both money and pizza. Both the burglaries occurred with two distinctive pizza young men working for two diverse pizza restaurants. The main casualty worked for Domino’s Pizza and was ransacked by three men who took pizzas and a warmed conveyance box and this theft occurred before 6:00pm and occurred on Morton Street. Be that as it may, the other burglary occurred at around 8:30pm and at Hilton Street. The other pizza kid who was looted was working for Papa Johns such tha t he was called to the home to convey two pizzas from.[4] As per another article, the compensation paces of McDonalds are unseemly and they have been censured in this. This analysis was finished by the individuals from the Service Employees International Union in the New Orleans and their essential subject was to censure the low wages. This was called to be an across the country battle in which the individuals were to converse with the laborers just as the customers about McDonalds compensation. Moreover, the article additionally uncovers that McDonalds is against the Employee Free Choice Act. This Act is essentially an enactment that offers American specialists the chance to have better compensation, advantages and working conditions. In addition, the leader of SEIU additionally said that the American specialists dont have the purchasing power. In this manner, there is a need to drive the economy to some degree since organizations like McDonalds are giving CEOs bonuses while laborers battle to bear the cost of things on the Dollar Menu.’ America’s laborers battle to take care of even their tabs, anyway the CEO’s get immense rewards yearly. The article likewise said that a national crusade would be run in which they would disperse handouts at McDonalds area across the country that were more than around one hundred outlets. The third article is about the laborers who have opened establishments with buyouts. Imprint Bergman, who used to work for Ford Motor Co.s deals and promoting division, really longed for pizza and acknowledged a buyout offer from Ford in 2007 so as to satisfy his fantasy. He really needed to open an establishment of Little Caesars thus he opened a store in Atlanta and in spite of the fact that there has been an ongoing strife, he didn't stress over that and opened a third pizza outlet and simply like Bergman numerous individuals put their cash in purchasing franchises.[5] It is accepted that diversifying is an approach to put resources into something that can be controlled and the more you contribute the more you get yet the credit press makes things harder and as detailed by Domino’s Pizza executive and CEO David Brandon, the worldwide credit crunch is constraining a few Dominos Pizza establishment proprietors bankrupt fundamentally on the grounds that the banks are cutting off advances. Additionally, the expenses of diversifying are high and the establishment proprietors need to confront a great deal of difficulties. The work isn't done once the establishment is set up. In any case, there are extended periods of work associated with this business. In 2003-2007 around 75000 employments have been cut. Albeit loads of individuals ask Dominos Pizza about the Big Three, anyway under 20 percent really show certified enthusiasm for it as this isn't a simple business. Building an outlet requires at any rate 14 months and the total assets required to be demonstrated is $250,000 and $75,000 in fluid capital. Other than this, there is entirely assurance of progress thus alert is important. It isn't generally important that of the parent organization is progressing admirably, so would the franchise.[6] Another article discusses abuse of laborers done by a portion of the someâ fast-foodâ chains. A US Senate hearing that occurred in April in Florida centered the working states of the ranch laborers and a portion of the exceptionally well known inexpensive food brands, for example, McDonalds and Yum Brands, which incorporates Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, AW and Long John Silvers, consented to pay the 1-penny increment. Other than this, there was Burger King and Subway likewise consented to the proposition yet at 1.5 pennies per pound and they ensured to save some for their laborers. The treatment being given to the ranch laborers is awful particularly tee tomato pickers who have been acquiring a similar sum for getting a basin of tomatoes for example 45 pennies and this sum has not been changed since 1978 despite the fact that the value of the tomato crop in Florida is worth $619-million every year. Besides, they laborers work seven days every week and labor for 10-12 hours with no extra time pay and no advantages, for example, debilitated leave or professional stability by any stretch of the imagination. In addition, they need to confront brutality and live in despicable living conditions.[7] Lion's share of the laborers gain under $10,000 every year and pay help is one of the most significant factor that can improve things for the tomato pickers. For this, the CIW has convinced the cheap food industry to pay one more penny for every pound to support the laborers and this exertion has been effective as they have even utilized the technique of applying a fine to the individuals who don't pay this additional sum. CIW likewise trusts that the new president, Barack Obama will likewise bolster this reason was fundamentally to deal with the human privileges of the laborers working for the inexpensive food industry and to stay away from exploitation.[8] Individuals who eat cheap food must know about the reality identified with the inexpensive food industry and should then take their own choices whether they should bolster the business or not dealing with the status of the business in the current situation.

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The Message in Girl in Translation

There consistently have been foreigners since the good 'ol days in the United States. The quantity of workers keeps on developing all through timeframes. â€Å"As in 2006, the quantity of foreigners is 37. 5 million. After 2000, movement to the United States numbered roughly 1,000,000 every year. An ongoing overview by Gallup demonstrated that there are around 165 million grown-ups overall named the United States as their top nation where they might want to relocate permanently† (Immigration, Wikipedia).What is the motivation behind why there are such countless individuals needing to go to America, despite the fact that they are very much aware of the troubles anticipating for them there? Young lady in Translation is one of the books that can assist with responding to the above inquiry as it recounts to the account of Kimberly, an outsider in America. Through Kimberly, I can see that in spite of numerous hardships, a worker can in any case accomplish the American long for a su perior life through difficult work, persistency, and assurance. Like a large portion of the migrants, the primary trouble Kimberly and her mom experienced in America is the language hindrance and the way of life shock.They showed up from Hong Kong with minimal English which turned into a significant issue for Kimberly when she began school. On her first day at school, she was unable to comprehend what Mr. Bogart was stating, he resented the things she didn't comprehend, he thought she was a cheat and gave her a zero (25-27). Kimberly more likely than not been extremely apprehensive and mortified. Back home at Hong Kong, she had been the top understudy of her group, she was utilized to get commendation and prizes from her instructor, however now, she felt that she was â€Å"a dumb understudy with a load on [her] heart†. The American culture was a long ways not quite the same as Kimberly’s culture.She was instructed to demonstrate regard to the educators by sitting strai ght with hands collapsed behind her backs, standing up when addressed and tending to Mr. Bogart sir. Notwithstanding, these motions are not regular in America and they appeared to make Mr. Bogart believe that Kimberly was ridiculing him. The other hardship Kimberly and her mom needed to suffer in their first years in America was their day to day environment. They showed up from Hong Kong with only obligation. That obligation was to nobody else other than her auntie Paula. There was a maxim: â€Å"Blood is thicker than water†, however lamentably, this adage was false in Kimberly’s case.Her auntie believed that Kimberly and her mom claimed her a real existence obligation that would never been reimbursed, in light of the fact that she had carried them to America (256). She gave them an illicit spot to live. The writer portrayed the manner in which they lived so distinctively that filled the perusers with feeling. Their loft was in an awful state. It needed warmth and genu ine furnishings. The breeze can blow through the windows where â€Å"the windowpanes were missing or cracked† in New York City winter. They needed to live under a similar rooftop with cockroaches and mice going around. They needed to keep the broiler on throughout the winter days as it was their solitary wellspring of heat.They needed to cover their body with layer and layer of garments yet at the same time, that was not warm enough. What truly helped her family endure that winter was the fabric used to make plush toy in the toy production line junk. They needed to take the warm material home immediately however they feared being behind schedule for work. It is extremely enthusiastic when they continued stressing that others may take it, that it probably won't be there when they completed their activity. The material, which just was garbage to others, was actually a fortune to them, made them â€Å"laugh with joy†.I couldn't resist feeling pitiful for them when perusin g this scene: We more likely than not been an amusing sight, spruced up at home as tow huge toys, however we didn’t have the advantage of disapproving. From that point forward, I have thought about whether we would have endure the winter without that blessing from the divine beings. The material was substantial and cover like, not having been expected as garments, and when I rested under our new covers, I woke with my appendages throbbing from the weight. Be that as it may, at any rate they secured our whole bodies on the double, not at all like the heaps of garments we’d utilized before, and they were warm (77).To win a living, Kimberly and her mom worked at the attire manufacturing plant oversaw by Aunt Paula’s spouse. Due to the author’s sublime portrayal method, perusers can envision and have an away from of the industrial facility and feel the need and distress from the individuals who work there. The settlers were working in an unfortunate domain, t hey are constantly secured with sweat and texture dust, they were â€Å"deafened by the thunder of a hundred Singer sewing machines†. They needed to remain throughout the night when there was a shipment going out. They were paid 1 to 2 pennies a piece, which is illegal.There were other youngsters like Kimberly working at the production line, they all would have liked to enable their folks to complete their work prior and win some more cash. A portion of these kids would at last wind up supplanting their folks to work in the industrial facility while their kids, similar to them, would come to help. It was the hover of the industrial facility life that numerous workers couldn't get away. Kimberly’s mother didn't need this to happen to her youngster, she said to Kimberly: Most individuals never leave this life. It’s most likely past the point of no return for me. My long periods of being a refined music instructor are over.That’s what a parent is for, to do whatever is important to give her kid a decent life. Be that as it may, you, don’t overlook you were the most astute understudy our elementary school in Hong Kong had ever observed. Nothing can change how splendid you are, regardless of whether your present educator knows it or not. Generally significant, it's not possible for anyone to change what your identity is, aside from you (48). At that point, Kimberly stated: â€Å"I’m going to get us both out of here, Ma, I guarantee. † (48) She wanted to spare her mom and she from this hopeless life loaded up with backbreaking work. She chose to utilize her ability for school to make that fantasy come true.First of all, she expected to consummate her English. In this manner, she purchased a word reference, which cost a fortune, and â€Å"try to retain all the words†. She acquired books from the library, started with â€Å"the embarrassingly slender ones for little kids† (86). She was acceptable at math a nd science however she needed to battle with different subjects that contained a lot of English. While different children in her group were surrendering when they experienced difficulty with Mr. Bogart, Kimberly invested more energy at school since she needed the achievement of a top understudy again just as she understood that training was the best way to get away from the production line life.Her difficult work brought about her grant to Harrison school, where she could build up her learning capacity without limit. Lastly, she was given a full grant to Yale. Kimberly was a solid young lady. This side of her character was demonstrated when she battled Luke, the domineering jerk in the 6th grade. She didn't run, rather she fortified her mentality by feeling that her progenitor was perhaps the best warrior as was she. Moreover, she believed that on the off chance that she didn't take care of this issue immediately, it would follow her for a long time (90-91). This was actually the ma nner in which she battled against her situation.She didn't run from it and surrender. She would go to class and attempted to be an outstanding understudy, paying little mind to her frail English and being strange with different understudies. At that point she would go to work at the industrial facility and get her work done around evening time. Kimberly was exceptionally open minded to these hardships. There is no accomplishment with no penance. Kimberly’s most prominent penance was surrendering Matt and brought up their child alone. It was narrow minded of her while denying her child of the privilege of knowing his dad. In any case, I can't accuse her. Matt could have been a square to her prosperity as he didn't share Kimberly’s desire for a more brilliant future.Matt advised Kimberly to remain in China town and not go to Yale. Matt was antiquated and he believed that the man was the individual to help the family, not the other path round. He just thought about the cu rrent when he and Kimberly were cheerful and that was sufficient (266-67). Matt stated: â€Å"Kimberly, my climbing can’t arrive at your statures (226). † Matt appeared to pummel the outside however he did not have the battling soul, the self control to battle against his circumstance. He acknowledged his life in China town despite the fact that it is a not excellent everyday environment. He previously surrendered school to work full time.Matt couldn't look far into the future; he didn't have Kimberly’s aspiration for a superior future and her longing to escape their poor life. Through Matt and Kimberly, perusers can see that while numerous foreigners are up to speed in the difficulties of social and budgetary troubles of life, the one that can escape their circumstances is accomplished through instruction and difficult work. Kimberly took a superior decision of progressing in the direction of her since quite a while ago named objective. She yielded her affectio n, and had the option to conquer that through assurance and extraordinary self discipline for the expectation of building a superior future and escaping her current situation.Girl in interpretation is a commonplace story of a settler. Much the same as Kimberly, numerous workers want to get fruitful, as they probably am aware how it is to live in neediness. For whatever length of time that they try sincerely and have assurance, they can make that fantasy work out as expected as America is the place where there is fresh chances to succeed. Instruction was the way Kimberly decided to escape the hardship. Different migrants can likewise pick along these lines to become accomplishment since America has extraordinary compared to other instruction frameworks on the planet.

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Streamlined ACQUISITION PROCEDURES - Research Paper Example The entire procedure is regularly wasteful because of a few documentation methodology that are frequently included. The moderate obtainment forms are regularly disadvantageous to the administration offices like the Department of Defense whose activities can be postponed with essentialness negative effects on its crucial. Corresponding to this, the legislature through the congress interceded to create acquisition methods that could be increasingly productive and savvy for moderately littler buys. The program was started in the mid 1990s and has hard different enhancements from that point forward. The US General Accounting Office (GAO) has given different reports that emphasis on the viability of the program. This paper centers around a 2001 report by GAO on the advantages of these new acquirement systems. The report showed that the advantages of the techniques were not unmistakably exhibited despite the fact that the officials had faith in their adequacy. Comparative outcomes were giv en in another 2003 report by GAO. 2. Rearranged Acquisition by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) The Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAPs) are acquirement methods approved by the Federal Acquisition Regulations to accelerate the obtainment procedure to the advantage of the at least two gatherings included. The SAPs take into account fast obtainment strategies through quickening the assessment and determination of the contracting officials and expelling pointless documentation methods that can slow the acquirement procedure (US GAO, 2001, p.2; GAO, 2003, p.2). The utilization of these systems was approved in 1994 by the Congress and as of now, it just applied for the buys not more than $100,000. Further modifications were made on the rearranged securing strategies in the resulting time frames. In 1996, the Congress permitted an expansion of these acquisition systems to the buys up to $5 million worth of items or administrations (GAO, 2003, p.3). The program evacuated a port ion of the procedural necessities engaged with acquisition when buying items worth this incentive in an offer to improve the activities at the business associations and the government offices. The program was organized to serve the legislature and the business in various manners. Right off the bat, the program targets lessening the regulatory expenses at the government offices because of the improved acquisition process (Straight, 2004, p.1). Different work force associated with the standard acquisition strategies cause the organizations to acquire some colossal activities costs. Also, the projects are planned for improving effectiveness and economy in contracting. The activities empower private company associations to have a superior access to the administration contract since the monotonous and exorbitant systems are not included (Straight, 2004, p.1). The program guarantees that the weight on the contracting offices is diminished. 3. The conditions for utilization of streamlined obtaining techniques as indicated by the FAR It has been expressed that the disentangled securing systems were reached out to the acquisition of things no not surpassing $5 million so as to improve the productivity and economy of the acquirement procedure. It is then improper to apply the systems in the circumstances that these ideal destinations can't be met. For example, it won't be efficient to apply the strategies for an acquirement surpassing the expressed worth. Area 13.003 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation specifies the government agenc

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Possible Essay Topics For Things Fall Apart

Possible Essay Topics For Things Fall ApartI've never heard of anyone coming up with possible essay topics for things to fall apart. I guess you could try to come up with such topics, but I'm not sure it would be too easy. I think the subject of love and how it develops in a relationship is a good one to examine.I have always thought that if you're talking about issues that you're going through, you're already on the right track. If you're going through problems that you can't get out of, then maybe the issue of where you go from here will come up. However, if you're talking about the idea of love and what happens when it dies, I think you're on the wrong track. Now, there are many ways in which love can die. But here's an idea for you.Love can last for a lifetime and many people actually believe that's true but most of the time they only spend a short period of time there and it dies and they move on. At least that's what I'd like to think. You see, some things can last forever. It' s human nature to look back at past relationships as if they're part of a process that will continue. There's nothing wrong with that.For example, a writer's life can go through different phases and go through different emotions. Some of them will be happy, some sad, and some frustrated. Some times they will write, and sometimes they won't.However, that's not what a writer's life is really about. I don't mean that it should go through a state of happiness or sadness at all. It should just be part of writing a book. Most writers get through the process in one piece, it's as simple as that.However, you'll find that you'll develop a relationship with each different aspect of the work that you do and that will change over time. When I finished my first novel, my next book was going to be one that I was writing about my life. And the next was going to be one that I was writing about my thoughts.I didn't come up with those topics for things to fall apart as a method of writing, that's som ething that I came up with as I was researching. Maybe you should write about this too. Even if you don't come up with the topic of fall apart and then stick with it, maybe it's a good idea to talk about it so that you'll understand it better.

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The Online Dating Apps And Websites - 2035 Words

Dating has always involved an emphasis on physical traits and characteristics, and in this regard, online dating is no different. However, virtual dating takes this emphasis to another level. According to DeVrie’s (2010) report, it super-charges the focus on looks more than in-person dating to encourage superficial judgment of others (p. 539). These online dating apps and websites create a situation where it is built around a sole profile picture, which can be edited by the user to enhance his or her appearance. The websites and apps produce a fundamental structure, in addition to human nature, that incentivizes the misrepresentation of one’s self by promoting superficial means of judgment. De Vrie (2010) made a report that provided information that most users view the photographs of online daters before reading their profiles. Once users suspect the authenticity of a dater’s appearance, they might not fully believe daters’ text-based self-presentation thr ough the ‘halo effect’ (p. 541). The ‘halo effect’ is where the observer’s impression of a person influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about another individual. Due to the impressions and perceptions put forth in online dating, it is a less effective way of establishing a relationship with someone. Through online dating, users also rely on subjective and potentially false information. According to Heino and her colleagues (2010), â€Å"About half of online daters have felt that someone else seriously misrepresentedShow MoreRelatedDating Online Essay1259 Words   |  6 PagesWhen navigating a dating app or website, searching and filtering tools allow daters to be more selective when finding a partner online than offline. Many enter the experience prepared with a desirable â€Å"shopping list’’ of characteristics and qualities a potential partner must have. source? There is little opportunity to reveal information gradually and check for reciprocity along the way. Instead, reciprocity is determined prior to any communication. Many potential partners who would be given theRead MoreVirtual Proximity Is Important For A Serious Romantic Relationship1668 Words   |  7 Pagessomeone is to us physically and how accessible he or she is to us. Dating sites are consider ed useful because the user can choose the radius and mileage within which he or she would like to find a match. About a dozen smartphone apps enable people to connect anywhere—sports events, shopping mall, and other public places—using the location-based technology. Levine (2015) talked about virtual proximity, which is beneficial in the online dating scene. The simple visual presentation of the site portrays theRead MoreOnline Dating Vs. Internet1162 Words   |  5 PagesJessica Gardner Professor Minnis English 1D March 9, 2015 Online Dating Online dating is one of the most over-hyped and probably one of the worst places to find someone to have a romantic relationship with. But, with social networking becoming all the rage, online dating has become a huge phenomenon that has caught trend nationwide. In todays society it is considered the norm for human connections to be initiated by internet connections. We live in a century of emails, text messages, and FacebookRead MoreHow Technology Has Changed Today s Society1291 Words   |  6 Pagesbecoming it is no surprise that dating online is becoming the most popular way to meet people. People just don’t have time to keep trying (and failing) at the ‘bar scene’, they want to make the most of their time and find someone compatible for their needs at that moment. The following report is a summary of the findings of our research that was ran over a 15 day period (September 28th, 2016 to October 12th, 2016). OkCupid ranked as #8 best online dating website with over 7 million users. It becameRead MoreAnalysis Of Sanyasi Naidu Dadi, By Dr. Neil Clark Warren981 Words   |  4 Pagesofficially launched in August 2000. After six months Houston investment firm Fayez Sarofim Company was invested $ 3 million. It is one of the main online dating websites. eHarmony helps singles to find serious, long-term relationships. The online person website targeted â€Å"mirage-minded† individuals. The main difference between eHarmony and other websites, eHarmony hosted matching on the basis of â€Å"long-term compatibility†. eHarmony’s targeted on serious relationships sounded well with trust peopleRead MoreOnline / Social Media And Dating1103 Words   |  5 PagesOnline/Social Media and Dating When it comes to the details about the beginning of mankind, kind few things can be proven or presented as an absolute fact. One of the things that is an exception, which would be love. Love, infatuation, attraction or whatever you want to call the almost undefinable attraction to another human has always been around. Now the never ending question is how do you find love, how do you find the person that some would even say is created for them? Over the years mankindRead MoreOpportunity Analysis : Vana Koutsomitis1499 Words   |  6 Pageshelp bring more people together. The best possible solution that would help bring not only thousands, but millions of people together was a dating app. As there were other several dating apps in the market, Van wanted to bring a unique concept, that would combine dating and gaming in one single app. This was the birth of Dateplay, the first app of its kind. The app uses a special matching algorithm to pair potential couples after collecting their pe rsonality data through multiple choice quizzes. OnRead MoreHow The Internet Has Changed Dating1522 Words   |  7 PagesHow the internet has benefited dating in 21st century Introduction: Imagine a well-dressed single man pulls up to a single woman’s home in the early evening, he steps out of his car, and walks to her front door. The two of them were introduced to one another by a mutual friend at a social function a few weeks ago. The pair then go to an elegant restaurant; where conversation flows naturally for a couple hours, allowing one another to learn about the background and interests of the other. After dessertRead More`` No Need For Call, By Sherry Turkle And Jenna Wortham1083 Words   |  5 Pagesthe App,† may beg to differ. She considers a dimension that Turkle does not; Wortham adds the presence of video calls and mobile apps to the conversation. According to Wortham, â€Å"I’ve found that all of my conversational habits have matured beyond the static phone dates of yore. [†¦] These interactions can help us feel physically close, even if they happen through a screen† (Wortham, 2014, p. 394). In other words, use of video cha t gives the illusion of face-to-face interaction, and other apps add endearingRead MoreOnline Dating : An Ideal Type Of Dating849 Words   |  4 PagesOnline dating is a fairly common occurrence in our society. Beginning with chatrooms in the early 90’s and expanding to mobile dating apps such as tinder and grinder (Kennedy, 2010), online dating has become an institutionalized part of romantic encounters in our society (Kennedy, 2010). Early 2000’s television and film such as â€Å"You’ve Got Mail†, and â€Å"Sex in the City† show case the increased popularity of online dating during the time, and by looking at the variety of online dating websites and

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Heart Failure And Acute Kidney Injury - 1338 Words

Our current study demonstrates that among hospitalized HF patients, 2179 (32%) had traditional AKI (rise in serum creatinine by =0.3 mg/dl) and 789 (12%) of hospitalized HF patients developed reverse AKI (drop in serum creatinine by =0.3 mg/dl). The change in serum creatinine of greater than or equal to 0.3mg/dl was associated with higher 30-day all-cause readmission and mortality. Interestingly, reverse AKI group was also associated with higher 30-day all-cause readmission and mortality. To our knowledge this is the first study that reports 30-day all cause readmission and mortality by serial changes in serum creatinine in hospitalized HF patients. There is a need for increased awareness regarding this particular subset of patients.†¦show more content†¦The explanation for presentation of this group is multifactorial including advanced stage of heart failure, old age, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, acute coronary syndrome, secondary to aggressive diuresis as supported by increased use of loop and potassium sparing diuretics and an intrinsic imbalance between the vasoconstrictive (epinephrine, angiotensin, endothelin) and vasodilatory hormones (natriuretic peptides, nitric oxide). 7 The risk of readmission and mortality in reverse AKI group is similar to traditional AKI as shown in our study. Hence the increase in creatinine is not only a marker of severity of heart failure but also represents a pathway for accelerated cardiovascular injury. In a study of chronic heart failure patients in ambulatory setting the authors found that worsening renal function within 6 months of referral was prognostically associated with all-cause mortality and heart failure readmission. 8 Major studies to date predicting heart failure morbidity and mortality do not include AKI as one of the prognostic indicators.9, 10 A recently published meta-analysis suggests that the benefit of renin-angiotensin aldosterone inhibitor is not diminished by worsening renal function and is in fact greater in the group with the worsening renal function.11 Hence contrary to the practice of stopping ACE/ARB in patients with AKI they are more essential in this high risk group with increased readmission and mortality. Also

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Men Are the Savage and Brutal Forces of Society free essay sample

Compare and contrast how masculinity is explored in two texts you have studied in light of this comment. Masculinity is a theme that has been addressed in society for many years the issue of masculinity is expressed in the texts All new people and Streetcar named desire, the men are seen as brutal forces of society but from different perspectives; One of the 1950’s post war reality and the other reflects the modern freedoms . In the play A Streetcar named Desire, masculinity means aggression, control, physical dominance, and even violence. Accompanying these traits is a general lack of refinement, manners, and sensitivity. One point of view expressed in the play is that this sort of brute masculinity is primitive and sub-human another is that it is attractive and sexually appealing, alternatively freedom and liberalism has left the men in All New People as victims of society, and it has left them without strong role models, power, community, faith or rules. A Streetcar Named Desire presents a sharp critique of the way the institutions and attitudes of postwar America placed restrictions on women’s lives and how men were given power. Williams uses Blanche’s and Stella’s dependence on men to expose and critique the treatment of women during the transition from the old to the new South. Given this power and reliance the men in A Streetcar named Desire, Stanley being great examples see this as a chance to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without a care for anyone. He is the man who likes to lay his cards on the table. He can understand no relationship between man and woman except a sexual one, where he sees the mans role as giving and taking pleasure from this relationship. He possesses no quality that would not be considered manly in the most basic sense. By more sensitive people, he is seen as common, crude, and vulgar. Centering on the male characters in both plays Stanley and Myron both have manual jobs, which emphasizes their masculinity and authority, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ is based in a post war society, when men were returning from war and taking back their roles from the women, Stanley is a character who is very proud of his working class background and he sees himself as the head of the household, he is also patriotic. When Blanche calls him a ‘polack’ and he responds by saying ‘I am not a Polack. People from Poland are Poles, not Polacks. But what I am is a one hundred percent American, born and raised in the greatest country on earth and proud as hell of it, so don’t ever call me a  Polack. ’ here we see Stanley’s patriotic side he also uses the Napoleonic code to reassert his masculinity. Stanley asserts his dominance over Blanche by saying ‘Don’t ever call me a Polack’ this is an instruction and Stanley sets boundaries for Blanche. Myron being a similar character to Stanley is a fireman which is a very masculine job as it requires bravery and courage and comes along with the role of saving lives. The stage direction used show Myron is very proud of himself, even though when he should be ashamed of himself, Charlie addresses Myron has a ‘drug problem’ and Myron responds by saying ‘Doesn’t really feel like a problem to me ‘this shows Myron is unaware that his drug use is a problem and it’s a form of escapism for him like alcohol is for Stanley. Charlie’s way to escape from realism was to hang himself he didn’t want to face up to what he did like a man would usually. But when he is interrupted he seeks to avoid loneliness because of his guilt and so he can forget what he did he feels this is a way to take responsibility for what he did but Stanley on the other doesn’t take responsibility of what he has done the rape of Blanche by Stanley is a pivotal, integral truth in the play, without which the play loses its meaning, which is the ravishment of the tender, the sensitive, the delicate, by the savage and brutal forces of modern society. In some ways Charlie and Mitch are quite similar, both characters aren’t taken seriously by their peers, Myron says to Charlie ‘I think you’re making shit up to try to get laid’. Myron doesn’t believe that Charlie was responsible for the death of 6 people. Myron also challenges Charlie’s masculinity by saying ‘And your vibe, frankly, reeks of pussy’. Likewise Stanley and his friends make fun of the fact that Mitch looks after his mother, Stanley says ‘And when he goes home he’ll deposit them one by one in a piggy bank his mother gave him for Christmas’ here Stanley also challenges Mitch’s masculinity by mentioning the fact his mum bought him a piggy bank, this makes him look less of a man as mothers buy things for their young children, Mitch is very different to Stanley as he is unmarried and living with his mother. All the men are vulnerable to an extent when it comes to love, this links into context as Williams was a homosexual in a time period  where it was considered wrong to be gay, he met and fell in love with Frank Merlo in 1947, which then died of lung cancer, and Williams suffered from depression 10 years on. Williams is similar to Mitch, as Mitch lost a former lover and describes it to Blanche ‘She knew she was dying when she gave me this. A very strange girl, very sweet- very! â€℠¢ Here Mitch expresses how nice this woman was, but he lost her. Charlie’s girlfriend left him to travel and that contributed to his breakdown and depression, like wise Zach Braff had a period of depression. Stanley vulnerability is his love for Stella, Stanley bellows â€Å"STELL-LAHHHHH!  Ã¢â‚¬  into the night like a wounded beast calling for the return of his mate when he has a drunken episode. I feel society is a big influence on the men in the two texts, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ is set in the early 50’s a time period where men were returning from war, and the SC Government were promoting a ‘patriarchal society’, which empowered men like Stanley who fit into the ‘New America’. There was a renewed focus on family and community, therefore Stanley fits into this mould, as he is a family man. This empowers him as he has the responsibility of being a husband and also the household provider and this reinforces his masculinity. Felicia Harrison Londr’e states ‘the post-war urban-industrial society in which Stanley’s class has gained leverage’- This refers to main re gaining their positions of work and their roles in the household/ work. Whereas ‘All New People’ is in the 20th century where society is much more secular and much more liberal, in the stage play ‘All New People’ Braff presents the characters as condoning to promiscuity and substance abuse. Religion is now more about knowledge rather than faith, for example Emma says ‘I’m catholic, I don’t think we get virgins’ This shows she knows little about the religion she claims to be part of. Back in the 50’s promiscuity was something to be frowned upon; women like Blanche were labelled as a ‘fallen woman’. Stanley lives by his natural instincts and doesn’t believe in civilisation, where as in ‘All New People’ capitalism and individualism is encouraged, all characters are misfits and share one thing in common, due to their freedom, they are lost. It can be argued that society is now too liberal in this day and age. Myron makes a comment- ‘How fucked up is our society?! Guys like Kevin O’Donnell up there on Wall Street are dumping more money into hoes Myron expresses his disgust for the crazy things people do, but yet he possesses many of the same attitudes. Braff portrays the negative effects of modern freedom, including loneliness and feeling like an outcast, Charlie has no one to leave a suicide note for, this shows he is part of a society where every man is for himself, Charlie says ‘Of course I’m lonely’ he isn’t hesitant about saying this and its obvious he wants people around him as the play goes on but he turns people away for a awhile till he finally begins to open up. Myron is an outcast, and there is a clear representation of this when he pulls the noose from the ceiling and the ceiling comes crashing in this is a representation of society falling in and when Myron ‘watches through the window’- this shows he’s an outsider looking in, he doesn’t belong anywhere he goes, he was sacked from teaching and denied by Emma. Towards the end of the story Charlie says ‘Everything’s going to be OK’ – this is ironic as he was the one that needed to be told that at the start, this is reverse physiology. In both plays men can be seen as brutal, Myron threatens to expose Emma; this is an example of him using his masculinity to overpower a woman. But men are less brutal in ‘All New People’ as women have more rights in this era, where as in the 1950’s women had very little say and were dependant on their man, Charlie’s girlfriend left him, and was able to because she isn’t dependant on him like Stella is, and the fact the Stanley knows Stella is dependent on him, empowers him more in the sense that he can manipulate her with no consequences and she’ll come running back to him, because she hasn’t really got a choice. Stella was beaten by Stanley, before the movement of feminism and the ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’, domestic violence was seen as a forbidden subject and in A Streetcar Named Desire Williams shows how society ignored the subject. Domestic violence is a very major subject in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’. Mitch doesn’t see Stanley hitting Stella as an issue and he says ‘Ho, ho! There’s nothing to be scared of. They’re crazy about each other’